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BMW X3 Series Technical Data

Weight Unladen weight EU in kg 1,885 Max. permissible weight in kg 2,455 Permitted load in kg 640 Permitted axle load front/rear in kg 1,190 / 1,375 Engine Cylinders/valves 6 / 4 Capacity in ccm 2,998 Stroke/bore in [...]

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BMW X3 Series Driving Dynamics Efficiency

The BMW X3 has a clear mission: to unconditionally unite dynamics and safety. This is why it offers maximum ride comfort and a clear safety bonus, even in adverse weather conditions or on slippery surfaces. Further indicators of the outstanding driving experience are a high torque combined with impressive [...]

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BMW X3 Series Design

One glimpse that awakens the desire for challenges. The striking design language of the BMW X3 reinterprets authority and independence. Harmonious proportions, powerful contours and the extreme emphasis on width of the front and rear view join up to produce a lasting appearance – and one that is also [...]

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