//BMW 5 Series Sedan

BMW 5 Series Sedan Technical Data

Weight Unladen weight EU in kg 1,615 Max. permissible weight in kg 2,200 Permitted load in kg 660 Permitted axle load front/rear in kg 1,045/1,250 Engine Cylinders/valves 4 / 4 Capacity in ccm 1,998 Stroke/bore in mm 94.6/82.0 [...]

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BMW 5 Series Sedan Connectivity Driver Assistance

Triumphing in every situation calls for one thing above all: first-class equipment. The countless digital services and driver assistance systems of the BMW 5 Series guarantee seamless connectivity with the outside world while their intuitive operation ensures maximum comfort and safety with maximum productivity. [...]

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BMW 5 Series Sedan Driving Dynamics Efficiency

Where dynamics are concerned, the BMW 5 Series shifts the boundaries. Powerful engines impressively transmit its sporty exterior to the road. Yet apart from power, the BMW 5 Series is not only able to offer power but also brains. This is because the progressive technologies of tomorrow which [...]

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BMW 5 Series Sedan Design

Sporty and stylish for every occasion: the BMW 5 Series Sedan is always ahead of the competition thanks to its athletic appearance. Yet the success is not purely coincidental. After all, success is not simply in the genes – but an expression of precise attention to detail. [...]

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