While the systematic driver orientation of the cockpit features enables the driver to focus their attention on the road ahead, passengers at the rear can recline in sporty, individually contoured seats. With its top-quality materials and excellent loudspeaker system, the interior invites all occupants to sit back and relax. And numerous storage possibilities for drinks or small objects create all the free space you need for first-class driving pleasure.


The multifunctional instrument display with Black Panel technology and a screen diagonal of 10.25″ provides a highly impressive visualisation of the driving experience. At the same time, it helps the driver to concentrate on the road ahead by displaying relevant information and prevents distraction.

Three different modes and their specific characteristics – each of which have their own colour scheme and graphic style – can be displayed in the instrument cluster: COMFORT, ECO PRO and SPORT modes. While COMFORT mode largely retains the appearance familiar up to now, blue tones dominate the display in ECO PRO mode, in which the new EfficientDynamics and Bonus Range displays aid the driver in achieving the most efficient driving style possible. SPORT mode, in contrast, is recognisable by its red colours, and includes an engine output display.

The multifunctional instrument display also allows navigational information to be displayed, including tips from the route-ahead assistant, as well as lists from the entertainment and telephone functions.


Each and every detail inside the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé is geared towards maximum comfort. Whereas the driver and front-seat passenger revel in the sporty flair of the cockpit, guests in the rear enjoy ergonomically shaped seats as well as plenty of room.

The centre armrest at the rear offers a safe place for your drinks. Small objects can be stowed away comfortably and the automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control allows passengers to individually adjust the temperature for every seat. Electric roller sunblinds for the rear and side windows help to safeguard your privacy and to provide extra shade on hot summer days. And on short trips, the third seat means that a fifth passenger can come along for the ride, too.

If you have a lot of things to transport, the through-loading system and 40:60 split-folding rear seat backrest enables the capacity of the luggage compartment to expand from 460 litres to max. 1,265 litres.


The luxury of always being on the safe side: Every switch, every indicator and every control in the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé is always precisely where you would intuitively expect it to be.

To the left of the steering wheel, you will find the switch for driver assistance systems and light settings, while directly in front of you is the instrument cluster with all information relevant to driving and safety − which can be projected directly into your field of vision by means of the optional BMW Head-Up Display.

Just to the driver’s right there is space for the optional, free-standing 10.25″” full-colour display. Directly below are the favourite buttons, allowing self-defined functions and settings to be accessed directly. A little lower down are the air conditioning controls.

The gear selector lever with Driving Experience Control is located in the centre console − immediately adjacent and intuitively within the driver’s reach. Next to this − also easy for the front passenger to operate with one hand − is the iDrive Touch Controller.


Innovative and easy to operate – the comfort access system makes it possible to open the vehicle doors and start the engine without using the car key. The key, which may be in a trouser pocket or briefcase, is automatically recognised upon approaching the car. Once the door has been automatically unlocked, the driver can get in and start the engine by pressing the Start/Stop button. Functional reliability is guaranteed thanks to key authentication.