The BMW 7 Series extends typical BMW driving pleasure to include the enjoyment of being driven. Passengers who occupy the luxurious seats in the rear enjoy a generous amount of space. While the active chassis technology of the Executive Drive Pro option offers a driving experience of unrestricted comfort and dynamics in every situation, the features of the Ambient light design and innovative comfort and entertainment functions ensure a supreme level of relaxed travelling pleasure.


The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system offers outstanding studio-quality sound in the vehicle. The careful positioning of the speakers guarantees that driver and passengers always enjoy the best possible sound, no matter where they are sitting. Sixteen speakers with a total output of 1,400 watts provide a mesmerising sound experience.

Innovative speaker materials strike the perfect balance between sound quality and vehicle weight. The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system diamond tweeters are made of pure synthetic diamonds. This distinctly light and extremely resilient material is ideal for producing high-frequency signals. Further highlights include the NautilusTM technology, which deflects undesirable sound radiation from the back of the dome, allowing a three-dimensional sound to be created, as well as two mid-range speakers with Kevlar® technology and two central subwoofers with Rohacell® technology.

The stainless-steel speaker trim features the exclusive Fibonacci cutout design. When the system is turned on, the speakers are subtly illuminated, which visually emphasises the system’s outstanding sound quality.

This feature is only available for BMW 740Li Pure Excellence.


There is hardly a more effective place to relax when on the move than in the Executive Lounge of the BMW 7 Series. It offers the rear passenger on the front passenger side maximum comfort through a wide range of adjustment options, an optional massage function with combined Vitality Programme and a footrest for a particularly comfortable resting position. In addition, the front passenger seat can be moved far forwards electrically and its backrest folded forwards for maximum leg room. A folding table and the equipment option Rear-seat entertainment Experience perfectly round off the rear of the BMW 7 Series as a place of retreat.

  • Executive Lounge Seating
  • Executive Lounge rear console
  • Massage function for rear-seat passengers


Light creates worlds – in nature, in art, in design and in the BMW 7 Series. Various direct and indirect light sources lend the interior of the BMW 7 Series its modern lounge character. The lighting concept is perfected with the Panorama glass roof Sky Lounge when natural light sources combine with the colour nuances of the Ambient light to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

  • Panorama glass roof with Sky Lounge
  • Ambient light


At the push of a button, the Ambient Air Package fills the interior of the car with a subtle, pleasant fragrance. Eight fragrances, belonging to four themes, are available, all specially composed for the vehicle. Two can be used alternately in the vehicle at a time. The intensity of the fragrance can be set to three levels. This function can be activated via the iDrive Controller and the iDrive menu, or directly via a button on the air conditioning control unit. The function is shown on the Control Display.

While the fragrance is being released, air from the exterior is filtered and purified. Air quality is also significantly improved through oxygen ionisation.

The eight fragrances are divided into four categories: “Blue Suite” with fresh water fragrances, “Green Suite” with fresh plant fragrances, “Golden Suite” with warm, rich fragrances and “Authentic Suite” with natural fragrances. All of the fragrances last for roughly six months with average use and can be ordered as Original BMW Accessories.


The Rear-seat entertainment Experience equipment guarantees great entertainment for the rear seats. Rear-seat entertainment Experience is operated using BMW Touch Command. It includes two 10″ colour displays on the rear side of the front seat backrests. It also includes a Blu-ray player, an HDMI connection for mobile devices, as well as various connections for MP3 players, game consoles, etc. Up to three sets of headphones can be connected via the integrated wireless interface. In combination with the rear massage seats, the Vitality Programme can also be used with the equipment Rear-seat entertainment Experience.